About - Sassy Sentiments
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Welcome to Sassy Sentiments!

We are the ultimate tongue in cheek greeting card company. Our cards are originally written, designed and crafted for the sassiest of minds. Whether you’re wishing a loved one a happy birthday, welcoming a new baby into the family or celebrating an anniversary, Sassy Sentiments has the card with the right amount of sass and sentimentality! Sassy Sentiments began with the premise of delivering witty haikus (5-7-5 poems, for those playing at home), but has since expanded to include any and all (free range syllable) messages.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, our operation is modest, but growing. The messages and designs are produced by our owner and printed through a professional printing service in the UK. Our 340gsm cards and envelopes are sustainably sourced and strike the balance between environmental warrior and top notch quality.
Feel free to contact us on our socials (Instagram and Facebook) or send through an email at queries@sassysentiments.com.au