FAQs - Sassy Sentiments
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What is Sassy Sentiments?


We are the ultimate tongue in cheek greeting card company. Our cards are originally written, designed and crafted for the sassiest of minds. Whether you’re wishing a loved one a happy birthday, welcoming a new baby into the family or celebrating an anniversary, Sassy Sentiments has the card with the right amount of sass and sentimentality!


Are your products environmentally friendly?


Our 340gsm cards and envelopes are sustainably sourced and strike the balance between environmental warrior and top notch quality.


Where are you based?


Sassy Sentiments is based in Melbourne, Australia.


Can I customise my cards?


Unfortunately no, all cards as printed as they appear on the website.


Can you include a message to the recipient so I can send it straight to them?


Unfortunately no, all cards as printed as they appear on the website. But we have total faith that the message you write will be as sassy as the card!


What thickness are your cards?


Our messages are printed on 340gsm cards.


I’d like to cancel my order. How can I do it?


Why are you like this?! But seriously, it’s all good. Just email queries@sassysentiments.com.au citing your order number and we’ll cancel your order and refund your cashola.
Unfortunately, we cannot refund orders once they’ve been sent, so you’ll need to make sure you cancel your order before we send your order to you.